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Data Recovery with TestDisk​

Testdisk is a free and open source, cross platform tool to recover data from dead drives. This is what I use in-house. Testdisk can read drives that windows cannot. It can also read recently deleted partitions as well as corrupt ones. If testdisk can't recover it than contact drive savers to recover data


-Grab testdisk from their site here -

-Launch testdisk (run as admin)
-Select "no log"

-Now select the drive you wish to recover data from. If the drive doesn't show up in this list you can try to stick it in the freezer for an hour and try again. If it still doesn't show up, contact drivesavers as listed above.

-Next we'll select partition type. Normally its going to be intel/pc, but in some cases you will see EFI. Sometimes depending on how not hosed the drive is it will actually auto detect the partition type. Next you'll go to "analyze".

-From here click quick search. If quick search doesn't find it you'll be presented with the option for "deep scan". Deep scan will take quite some time. You'll want to grab coffee or take a nap should you have to do deep scan.

-Begin the scan. Stop the scan when you see the partition you wish to recover listed.

-You'll then be presented with the following screen giving you options for what partition to recover data from. Highlight it and select list files.

-You can now browse the folder structure and follow the onscreen prompts to copy data from the drive. You should copy the data to a known good drive for obvious reasons.

-Testdisk also has the ability to do partition recovery and repair. Tread lightly here as you can make the drive worse off than it was when you started. I'd see if you can copy the data before going this route. For that information, testdisk has extensive documentation on this.