How I Rolled My Own Backup Service With Duplicati

I work for a managed service provider. One of the solutions we offer our clients is offsite backups of their data. We find that folks are more comfortable backing up to our infrastructure than using a 3rd party. For years we used Crashplan's free version and just had all the systems backup to a storage server in our rack here. A combination of Crashplan discontinuing their consumer service along with the fact that we were probably violating their license terms, lead me to look for other solutions. After a few weeks of searching and testing we finally landed on Duplicati.

Duplicati is a free/open-source application that runs on Mac/Linux/Windows that backs up to numerous backends (onedrive, google drive, smb, sftp, ftp). Add end to end encryption and this checked all the boxes for us. So now that we had our solution, we needed to figure out the best way to implement. Our implementation is as follows:

-Clients have Duplicati installed on servers or workstations depending on service level. We work with them to select files they need backed up.

-We use a template to define backup source/destination/encryption password/schedule/retention/email alerts. Email alert documentation can be found HERE.

-The emails go to our CRM and create a ticket under the client.

-To track amount of consumed storage per client I have a powershell script run several times a day on our storage server that simply kicks out the folder names and the size of each folder to a webserver so we can ensure they aren't using more than they are paying for and that it can be checked during our monthly courtesy checkins. Script is run via powershell script HERE

I also have Duplicati setup for a few family members and friends. I have them pick the encryption password so they can be certain I'm not messing with their data. I have it configure to backup to my google drive 2tb account.

To get familiar with Duplicati they have a great getting started guide HERE. This is the info I started with. I found it to be pretty handy to get a foundation of understanding.

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