Software Recommendations

Software I use on a regular basis with quick breakdown of features/pricing/alternatives.

Duplicati - Free, Encrypted Offsite Backup

Duplicati is a free/open-source application available for windows/linux/mac that backs up to ftp/sftp/google drive and many other cloud storage provider. The backups are encrypted using AEScrypt and a passcode of your choosing. So instead of purchasing backup software you can use this for free if you have your own storage already in google drive/backblaze/amazons3 or in my case an offsite server via sftp.

Alternative to services like crashplan/carbonite/etc.


Blur for Email/Phone/Credit Card Privacy

If you're like me, you hate giving out your email to new websites. Its just one more place that is going to spam you and give your email to 3rd party services who will intern also spam you.

Enter Blur from Abine. Blur allows you to create email, phone, and credit card aliases that forward to your real ones. This allows you to give out the info during registration/checkout but allows you to disable the card, number, or email if you believe its been hacked or no longer want to use the service.  The email masking is free, while the phone and CC masking require a paid subscription.

I've been using the software for a few months and its been stellar so far.  It is available for Android and iOS.