Twitter Accounts to Follow

@swiftonsecurity - the infosec twitter popstar we need and deserve. Seriously though, she posts relevant and helpful stuff all the time and has helped influence policy inside our organization through her tweets.

@gossithedog - british fellow on bleeding edge of new malware things.

@bleepingcomputer - everyone's favorite malware/virus/analysis site. Tweets new malware/virus strains with analysis.


Sites to Visit

DecentSecurity - swiftonsecurity's site. Lots of good guides/info. General inspiration for this site.

VirusTotal - file/URL analyzer. Seriously if you have doubts about a site or file upload it here. Scans with 50+ AV engines and gives really detailed results.  

Dark Reading - security/it news in general.

Reddit Sysadmin - news/questions/rants/ideas for systems administration.

Reddit Selfhosted - ideas and info about selfhosting your own servers/services.

Shodan - search engine for most of the ipv4 space on the internet.


SecurityNow - hosted by Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson (man behind spinrite and shieldsup). Generally security news and great breakdowns/opinion.

Techsnap - similar to securitynow but more unix/linux focused.

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